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Monday, June 1, 2009

A new friends advice, a great camera, and a light box!

The last few days I had been dreading taking pictures of the candles I made for my "Designer Collection" candles. I must have taken 100 different pictures, with four different backgrounds, until I finally found the ones I was happy with.

Back in February, I read my new friend Patrice's blog called "Bitch Post #3: If You Want Me To Buy It, Take A Pretty Picture!" and it had me spooked! I am by no means a photographer! I take pictures for fun, during family events, to catch family members off guard, just because I have a camera. I never, ever thought about how important website pictures were until I read that.

I received my new light box a few days ago and I was terrified! What if they look bad? Should I use the camera stand? What background is going to work best, for what I want to accomplish? I went back to Patrice's blog, read it again, downloaded Google Picasa, and also checked out Handmadeology's "Photography 101".

I am so happy I did! I asked a few of my friends & family what they thought about the pictures I took, kept, and posted, and they LOVED them! Some even asked if I had them taken professionally! Here is one of the ones that I took (myself) and uploaded to my website!

Thank you again Patrice for showing me the way, C.M. for the great camera, The Hubby for the light box, and everything else you do (& purchase) because it makes me happy! It is truly appreciated!

Ms. Patrice, I would really like your opinion, and please be honest ( I wouldn't expect anything less LOL!).

We will be working on our Aromatherapy and Zodiac collection pictures later this week, keep checking back!



Lenox Knits said...

Looks good. I can definitely tell a difference with the lightbox. I'm still jealous of that. I would love to get one myself but I may end up having to make one.

Patrice @ The Soap Seduction said...

Heehee...this actually a very nice shot! I love it:-D

My bitch posts are really tongue-in-cheek, but if it made you step your game up a little, then it was worth it. Great job!

Sinclair said...

Oh, for a new camera to appear at my house...