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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yeah! My tickets finally arrived!!!!

I ordered tickets online a couple of weeks ago for Tyler Perry's
"The Marriage Counselor"

They finally arrived today! I am so excited! My sister and I are going to see it at Planet Hollywood on the 7th of March, and I was able to get really great seats.

I have been trying not to read or watch anything about it but I was really excited when I came across this by Sue Merrell @ The Grand Rapids Press:

Courtesy Photo from an earlier performance, Tony Grant, left, and Palmer Williams Jr. star in Tyler Perry's "The Marriage Counselor."

"The Marriage Counselor," the 10th play of urban playwright Tyler Perry.

In the two-and-a-half hour play, marriage counselor Judith Jackson (Tamar Davis) and her accountant husband Roger (Tony Grant) are having marriage difficulties of their own. Roger works too much, Judith spends too much, and the bills are piling up. Roger's father (Williams) and Judith's mother (Grayson) are living with them and constantly squabbling. Judith escapes to the arms of a former boyfriend (Timon Kyle Durrett.) Judith's secretary (Stephanie Ferrett) adds to the comedy with her in-your-face attitude.

"(Perry) has a captive audience and he takes the opportunity to lift up the community," she said.

The show opened with a medley of gospel songs. In Act II a group counseling session turned into a songfest of "old school" songs such as "Love and Happiness" and "For the Love of You," complete with disco lighting. But most of the show's roof-raising, soul-stirring songs are originals penned by Perry and Elvin Ross. A live five-piece band provided accompaniment and background music as the set revolved to three possible settings.

I cant wait! Tyler Perry here I come!!!!!! ( If you want to read more of Ms. Merell's article click my link above) I wonder if he need's any scented container candles? LOL:)


Angelika said...

Tell me how it is! I've seen the DVD of the play in Wal-Mart but since I'd never heard of it before, I haven't bought it.