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Saturday, February 21, 2009

I LOVE my iPod Touch!

Wednesday February 18th was me & my husbands 9yr wedding anniversary and I got a 16 gig (way to much space) iPod touch as a gift. (Sorry about the picture Patrice at The Soap Seduction :( at least I'm not trying to sell it to you (LOL)

I absolutely love this thing:) Those of you who follow me on Twitter, as well as those on Facebook already know how excited I was because I immediately sent tweets, updates, and emails using it. I use to want an iPhone, but since The Hubby is an area manager for Verizon Wireless, I don't see an iPhone (AT&T/Cingular) in my immediate future LOL! Any way, my iPod touch has everything I need:

* There are hundreds of applications on iTunes for games.
* Most of the games have a FREE version so you can try it out before buying the full version.

*The iPod Touch has wireless internet (WiFi) built right in. You can set up your email accounts to sync with the iPod Touch when connected to a WiFi network.
*It uses Safari for it's web browser.

*Facebook, Twitter and MySpace all offer FREE applications to make logging in simple when you are connected to the internet, all you have to do is search iTunes under applications!

*You can purchase songs right from the iPod when connected to the internet, or burn discs you already own. How simple is that?
*There is also a speaker, you can listen to you music with out using the headphones. The quality is not fabulous, but it comes in handy.

*I don't have very many shows on my iPod, but I do have a couple of Tyler Perry play's (Love him!) as well as a music video or two, that my 16 year old thinks I can't live without (yeah right).
*You can purchase or rent movies from iTunes to watch right on your iPod.

This is only a small sample of the applications you can get for your iPod touch, if you want them, I am sure a quick search on iTunes will help you find other apps you may need.

The applications that come with the iPod Touch are:

*You Tube

The iPod Touch is slim, light weight, and sleek. I wish it had come in pink:( The hubby did say that I could get a pink case at the apple store, Target, Wal Mart, or even online and that's just as good!


Patrice @ The Soap Seduction said...

Funny you blogged about this: I was THIS close to buying one of these babies today, but I've got a hellified electric bill due this month, and what's the point in having a cool phone with no lights!

Congrats though-I'll catch up with you soon:-D

LaMirabelle said...

Yeah I love it too! I bought the first one because it's not plastic.