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Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Seven Somethings Art Award

What a WONDERFUL surprise!!! I was reading some of the blogs that I follow today, and saw that I received an award from one of my favorite ones! My friend Patrice at The Soap Seduction has given me the Seven Somethings Art Award.

The rules for this award are simple:

You list 7 things or people that you are passionate about, then pass the award to 7 bloggers you love:) It took a little while for me to post this one because there are lots of things I thought about listing and had to narrow it down.

7 things i'm passionate about:

1. My family, I have a wonderful husband and four supportive kids that I love with all my heart.

2. My mother, she is so amazing! She raised four girls on her own and no matter what, she never let us see her struggle.

3. My sisters, having them in my life, I never had the need for a best friend. They were always, and still have been there for anything that I've needed as I have for them. We would do anything for one another.

4. String cheese! OMG, I love string cheese when I eat it, it reminds me of the scene from Flashdance where she's at the restaurant eating chicken. (okay I guess that was a little TMI Lol:)

5.Dancing, i'm not good at it at all but it makes my kids laugh and my husband shake his head with this look of confusion "Doesn't she know the Roger Rabbit and the East Coast, West Coast went out of style in the early 90's?" thats ok I still know how to do it.

6. Smiling & Hugging, I love to hug and greet people with a big ole smile wether its family, friends or people I meet for the 1st time it just makes my day.

7. Last but not least Love! I love to love, I love to be in love, I love to see other people who are in or have known love, to me its the best thing out there.

7 Blogs/Bloggers I Love:

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