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Sunday, March 8, 2009

"The Marriage Counselor"

Back in February I wrote a post about going to see Tyler Perry's "The Marriage Counselor", well yesterday was the day of the show and I have to say that there is nothing better than seeing it live! I have been a fan of his since day one and I have seen every play, movie and sitcom episode that he has done. When his movies come to the theater I make sure that I go, and I don't purchase them on bootleg. Every time he comes out with a new project it gets better and better, my sister and I laughed so hard with this play!

It was "OUTSTANDING," we loved it and the cast was incredible!The only thing missing was a personal appearance from Mr.Perry I recently saw him on Oprah and I can tell that he is a humble man from humble beginnings but also has not forgotten where he came from.

Bringing the play here means so much, because Las Vegas is often thought of just a place of sin, gambling, and drinking, not to mention other negative persona's. It helped to remind those of us who love and live in SIN CITY that someone realizes that there are people here who want to see and experience a great play, and I thank him for that.